"The only natural flavor from the reserve"



We are a company that produces and markets honey-based and other food products, which offers its quality through both production and specialized human resources, based on on-going improvement of innovation and processes to ensure top satisfaction of customers and final consumers.


To be a leading company in positioning and quality of food products in both domestic and international markets, going beyond our borders based on new technological and innovating trends to provide nutritional value for human beings, their regions and their quality of life.


  • Aptitude.
  • Principles.
  • Innovation.
  • Agility.
  • Responsibility.
  • Integrity.
  • Originality.
  • Soundness.


We believe and grow, day after day, under the integrated marketing philosophy, with which we provide every consumer with integrated quality of nutritional processes. This allows us to develop the four philosophies within our organization and integrate them into our team work for the benefit of the quality of life of final consumers; and together with our staff, production team, our suppliers and commercial allies, we prepare the products of nutritional quality that reach every home in the region. We are oriented to the general market that seeks to meet its needs based on a platform of health and natural reserve; this allows us to comprehensively convey the properties of honey into various products that help to prolong human life and, under our commercial brands, we reach them at the right time and at the right place.


Our company, staff, suppliers and commercial allies make up a true group of believers and participants in the needs of social responsibility around our products. These are based on the nutritional properties of honey, with all its life-generating nutrients, and taken from tropical dry forests that must be protected from deforestation and misuse of natural soils. Therefore, we support, on continuous basis, soil use campaigns for the conservation of flora and fauna of all our land. As part of our philosophy, we support schools, thus allowing Costa Rican students to learn about the importance of beekeeping and its management. Likewise, we support youngsters and non-profit organizations with some of our products, as part of a healthy, nutritious diet.


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