"The only natural flavor from the reserve"


It opened its doors 35 years ago in Costa Rica, and it is engaged in marketing of bee products and by-products and mass consumer foods in general. With an extensive background in the market and it expertise in bees, it began to expand its by-products in the entire national territory through several associates in the supply chain.

The company’s main strength is described by its logo “The only natural flavor from the reserve” since all its products are 100% natural and produced in the Tropical Dry Forest, the best climate to maintain natural, nutritional properties. It is focused on offering final consumer a nutritious product with a special flavor that contributes to health and enhances quality of life.

The company has a group of workers specialized in the care, development and production of honey, as well as an administrative team fully specialized in marketing and relations with customers and final consumers, who are well acquainted, step by step, with consumers’ needs as to provide them with value and satisfaction through its product. Moreover, the company has 100 beehives in farms located in the Rodeo zone in Ciudad Colon to produce honey throughout the year; these beehives are later moved to the different zones in the Central Valley to make the most of coffee tree blooming.

The line of business of APIARIOS DEL PACÍFICO is very large because it supplies its products to different production and marketing channels:

  • It produces its own honey; its buys honey from domestic producers and imports it from Central and South America.
  • It provides honey as raw material for industries such as Compañía de Galletas Pozuelo DCR, Grupo Agroindustrial Numar, Laboratorios Griffith, Productos Negrini, Alimentos Cook.
  • It imports oats directly from Chile to sell it as raw material to other industries such as Bimbo, Cetebedi.
  • It packs and distributes, throughout the country, oats and granola in different presentations with its commercial brands: Tío Bonny and Reserva Dorada Granola Light.
  • It produces, packs and distributes its products under the following registered trademarks: Panal del Rodeo, Reserva Dorada, Bzzz, El Sabor del Pacífico.
  • As a distribution channel, it uses wholesalers, independent distributors and supermarkets chains covering the entire territory, taking its products to Costa Rican homes, thus generating better quality of life through the consumption of natural, nutritious products.

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Panal del Rodeo